Anger Management

Anger Management

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We all know an angry face when we see one. Anger is such a universal and powerful emotion that can make you physically and emotionally ill, sap your energy and poison your relationships, or it can motivate you to make needed changes and add vitality to your life. This course discusses how to check on reactive anger and use the energies to make positive changes to life.  The course examines what anger is, its causes, adjusting expectations, mindfulness, why letting go is important, truth and lie you tell yourself, and assertiveness. You will learn to experience more peace, be more assertive, improve self-awareness, be more empathetic, and increase your sense of choice and ownership. Practical activities and tools that will empower those who act out their anger in negative ways to gain better control of their anger and their lives and use it to motivate and empower them to affirm their integrity or boundaries. The program will encourage participants to look deep inside to explore the roots of their anger and present alternatives to the old ways of thinking and dealing with anger.



  • Understand both the "Right" skillset and mindset needed to manage their anger appropriately.
  • Learn to communicate angry feelings assertively and in ways that will consider the needs of others.
  • Adopt a more constructive attitude towards anger and understand the difference between constructive and destructive anger.
  • Use practical techniques to handle anger in others properly.
  • You will get a Certificate of Attendance after completing the course.


DURATION: 2 days course



Open to anyone wanting to self improve.



Fluent in spoken and written English.