Our Facilitators

Behind every successful student at CBL Training Institute is a facilitator who never gave up on him or her. Our facilitators are excellent lecturers and caring personal mentors interested in every student’s learning and progress. Apart from encouraging creativity and academic excellence, our lecturers also care about their students. They work hard to help their students find their passion as they explore and grow through student activities and interest groups. As mentors, our lecturers also spend additional time tutoring their students and sharing their life experiences to prepare their students for the world out there.

Mr Nandprasad Shiwsaakar

Shankar, a Director at Universal Marine Surveying & Consultancy (S) Pte Ltd, holds an MBA in Shipping and Logistics from Middlesex University, UK.

He is an enthusiastic and personable corporate trainer offering over 30 years of experience. He has strong record of accomplishment in energizing employees and influencing company operations. He builds his programs from ground up based on specific objectives.

Shankar specializes in Creative Solution Development, Customer Service Excellence, Contract Negotiation and Survey Management.

He is also a Member of Adult Education Network, Chartered Management Institute, ANZIIF (Assoc) CIP, IBIA.

 Mr Ravi M

Mr Ravi

Ravi is an experienced & qualified regional trainer who focuses on adult training for a variety of different attendees. Starting from training adults, in the late 90s, who wanted to gain proficiency in English- he guided students in Melbourne, Australia to sit for the TOEFL certification.

Between 2006 to 2012, he was a certified Economics lecturer with the Ministry of Education Singapore. From 2013 till present, he focus on the corporate sector specifically in soft skills and due diligence. He runs talks & seminars focusing on operational diligence, good work habits, conflict & anger management, negotiation, salesmanship, office politics and time management, customer service training and certifications, which allowed individuals to be imparted with lifelong skills and to be upwardly mobile.

Ravi is adept at managing students from some backgrounds, as he has instructed students from Indonesia to Japan. His familiarity with differing job scopes & industries has allowed him to tailor his courses to be job-centric and useful to his participants. He has been training & teaching for over 20 years and has helped over 1000 students achieve their goals in stated courses ranging from IT to soft skills.